An incredible post-apocalyptic retro FPS for PSvita and Playstation certified devices. Help Iris, a nomad of wasteland, to discover the truth about her past, take revenge against Commander and free Earth from the alien invasion.

Retro Shooter was originally conceived as a student final project and a tribute to a primitive FPS like Doom. But the concept took such a large volume that a totally independent project was generated. Initially it was proposed to launch for PlayStation Mobile.


  • Two intense game modes. Dive into an original plot and save Earth in Story mode or eliminate uncountable waves of enemies and monsters in the Arena mode.
  • Remember intense memories of the era of 8-bit with a strong nostalgia. Lots of pixels and 8-bit music.
  • Defend yourself from the monsters and enemies that exist in that devastated world using more than 5 different weapons.
  • Challenge and defeat the amazing final bosses of the three areas to be Lord of the Wasteland.
  • Play in your language. The game is translated in 10 languages​​!
  • Survive the dangers of a post-apocalyptic world because of an alien invasion.
  • Discover secret weapons and levels to be the toughest warrior of the wasteland.
  • Play on your PSVita or on your PlayStation mobile certified smartphone.


Retro Shooter Promo Trailer YouTube

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Pau Elias Soriano
Director, Game designer, 3D artist and Pixel artist

Carlos Elias Soriano

Axel Compte

Rubén Parra García
Music composer